Sunday, 1 May 2016

Wedding Style!

I was at a wedding yesterday and thought I would share what I wore! I actually had a lot of fun choosing this outfit and putting it all together.

The dress is from a brand called Soma London which I found in a boutique in town. The shoes are from the Bourbon Amy Huberman collection.

Necklace and bracelet are from the Newbridge Guinness collection.

My bag was a really cute one by Lollipops, it was great and had so much room! The shiny part was a really good match for my shoes and it has a delicate pink lace detail that nicely contrasted with my dress.

I had a really good day & hope you liked this post! I don't often do style related posts but this was fun.


  1. You look amazing! Love those accessories. That bag is so cute too.

  2. The dress is stunning on, I love the jewellery with it too x

  3. You look beautiful Grace, really love the dress and your jewellery! Is that the necklace your dad bought you for Christmas? Love it x

    1. Thank you so so much Danielle! :) and yes that is the necklace!!xx

  4. You look absolutely gorgeous Grace and I love everything about your outfit, all the colours are so pretty together!

  5. You look gorgeous Grace, love everything about the outfit!