Sunday, 20 September 2015

*new* Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks "Soft Plum" "Joli Rouge"

Recently I was sent 2 of the lovely new Clarins Joli Rouge lipsticks to try. As you all probably know I am a massive Clarins fan and I love their lip products, so I was excited to try out the new formulation of the Joli Rouge (have a look at one of the old Joli Rouge lipstick which I reviewed here )

First thing you will notice about the new formulation is that they are not as sheer as they used to be! Look at that gorgeous creamy colour. Also the packaging is a lot less heavy and chunky, a nice improvement!

Anyway, old vs. new comparisons aside, these lipsticks are really great. They are very soft and comfortable to wear. These lipsticks have a nice glossy finish, but they don't slip and slide on your lips either (I never wear lip liner and they wore perfectly on me).

According to Clarins these lipsticks can provide up to 6 hours of wear, and with their moisturising formula they are kind to your lips as well. Containing organic marsh samphire extract and mango oil (sounds fancy) and with Clarins signature red berry scent these lipsticks are an absolute pleasure to apply and wear.

Wearing "Soft Plum"

"Joli Rouge"

Of the 2 lipsticks I was sent, Soft Plum is my favourite! I have never worn such a dark lipstick before but I really love it, it actually is perfect for Autumn. Joli Rouge is a beautiful red (I call it a candy apple red) and isn't overbearing or garish. I don't normally wear reds for fear they clash with my hair but I really like this shade!

There are a whopping 25 shades available of these lipsticks so there definitely will be something there for everyone! They are £19.50 a pop but in my opinion they are definitely worth the money, I have been saying it for ages but Clarins really know how to do lip products! 

See any shades that you would like?

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My MAC lipstick collection so far

Hi! Since I have been raving about how much I have fallen in love with MAC lipsticks I thought I would give you a quick look at what shades I have in my collection (so far). 


My most worn one is probably Syrup, I am absolutely obsessed with it and it goes well with everything. So I have been wearing that one a lot, however I must admit I do prefer the finish of the matte lipsticks or the amplified ones. 

My least worn ones are probably Velvet Teddy and Lady Danger. I only bought Velvet Teddy because of all the hype surrounding Kylie Jenner. It is just too brown for me and i don't think I suit this colour. Lady Danger is a fabulous colour but I don't often have the confidence to wear it. It does have a beautiful finish though.

Vegas Volt is a very fun colour to wear. Although it is bright I still feel very comfortable when I wear it. It has an amplified finish and it is so nice and creamy.

Peach Blossom is a great every day colour. It almost looks as though I have no lipstick on at all! I can only wear this one when I don't wear fake tan because it ends up being too pale. But it is a fantastic colour and so easy to wear. 

By the way I got this great lipstick holder on Amazon for a measly £2.00! The only problem is the little slots are too small to hold any other lipsticks that aren't as nice and compact as the MAC ones. Meaning that I want to buy more MAC lipsticks in order to fill it up!