Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Do you heed the "use by" dates on make up products?

Here is something that has crossed my mind lately. I had no idea until recently that the little logo on the back of your products with a "12m" or "6m" etc. beside it meant that that is the length of time you should use your products for once opened. Now, to be truthful, I cannot think of a single item of makeup that I have actually used up! So I would be a little annoyed and in my opinion a total waste of money if I were to toss a product barely used just because I had reached it's "use by" date.

For example, the products shown in the photo above have all been part of my collection for a while. The first example which I will talk about are the Tanya Burr lip glosses. I love them, but they apparently have a very short use by date - 3 months! There is no way I would even finish one of these glosses if I wore it every day for three months.

My Lancome Teint Idole foundation has a 12 month logo on the back. I have this foundation since May 2013 and although it is on it's last legs now anyway, I can't help but think what makeup artists do with items like this in their kit? 12 months isn't a long time and with the price tag on these you wouldn't want to be disposing of them if there was still plenty left!

I bought the IsaDora Bronzing Powder around Summer 2011 and have barely made a dent in it. It has a 24m tag and still as good as new! The compact is so big and has a brilliant mirror, i think I would hold onto it no matter what!

I bought the Clinique gel liner in (I think) March 2011 and the pot is just about half empty. The label has worn off the back so I am not sure what its use-by is, but I would guess around the 6-12 month mark? Anyway, there is still plenty of the gel liner left and it hasn't dried out any, the consistency is still exactly the same as if it were brand new.

I got the Kat Von D eyeshadow palette around October 2010! And as you can see it has barely been touched. It has a 24m tag. I don't think i have ever finished an eyeshadow, I only tend to wear eyeshadows at weekends so they last me forever. I really love the colours in this palette even though I haven't used it in quite a while. I'm not sure I could part with it!

The Lush lip scrub is the only thing I can find that has an actual date on it. I got this in May last year and although I use it very regularly, almost on a daily basis, I haven't even used up half of the pot yet.

I suppose my main point is - how the heck are you supposed to use up all the product in the time suggested? I guess there are people who are harder on products than I am, I seem to get absolutely ages out of everything!

The only person who uses these products is me, and I know I don't have any infections or anything, my brushes are all cleaned and I have never had any problems using some of my "older" products. I know that not everyone is gong to agree with this though! The only thing I am fussy about is lipsticks and lip glosses, I guess because I am so prone to coldsores I have a habit of tossing lipsticks after about a year. I can never be too careful about that.

So how do you feel about "expired" makeup?

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Remington Pearl Pro Curl Wand

Some time ago I reviewed the Remington Pearl Wand (click here to view!). Around the same time as I bought the Remington Pearl, I was so impressed by it that I ran out and got its chunkier counterpart too, the Pro Curl.

 The Pro Curl is much thicker and does not taper down at the end. It is the exact same design though. The Pro Curl is much heavier though, and I think is a lot more awkward to use. I must say that it really does nothing for me, and perhaps the before and after photos can explain better.


I suppose it gives a nice tousled look, but I was expecting more of a curl, or even big waves. But it really doesn't impress me. The skinnier wand is a much better hair tool, and you could even use thicker sections of hair to create loose curls or waves and it would give a much nicer effect than this fat wand.

So if you are trying to decide which Remington Pearl wand to get, I couldn't recommend the skinny wand highly enough! I also think that you could easily recreate the look that the Pro Curl wand gave me even without putting heat on your hair.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

New Nuxe purchases!

I have been taking really good care of my skin lately, and I am definitely seeing the difference. My favourite skincare products come from Clarins, but after getting a  Nuxe Creme Fraiche moisturiser for Christmas, I am so intrigued by this brand! My Creme Fraiche ran out last week so when I looked about replacing it, I felt very tempted by the entire Nuxe range!

I took the little skin type test on the Nuxe website, and discovered that the Creme Prodigieuse would be the best moisturiser for me. I actually chose the night cream in this, I am not sure why. I always apply my moisturiser at night anyway! I cannot fault this product at all, maybe perhaps the pot it comes in is light plastic instead of the nice heavy glass jar the Creme Fraiche came in. Well, that's just a minor gripe of mine that in no way affects the product!

I don't use toner at all, so I thought I would try one and see how it goes. I loved the sound of this toner, with rose petals. It is so sweet and gentle on the skin. I really do enjoy using it, it feels so refreshing.

As I bought these two items from, I was given a Creme Fraiche Masque for free with my purchases! And it is so amazing to use as well. It is very rich and soothing, very moisturising and it just feels so good.

What other Nuxe items should I try next?

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Clarins Colours of Brazil Eyeshadow Palette - Summer 2014

Well here it is in all it's glory! I've been talking about it for weeks, humming and hawing about do I really need another eyeshadow palette? The answer is of course no, but I bought this one anyway! It is just so beautiful and I really wanted it for my collection.

The shadows are absolutely astounding, as is the blue eyeliner. I just think it is the most beautiful palette ever! Three lovely neutrals and that glorious peach shade. The top two shadows are a satiny finish, and the bottom two are matte. I really think that I can create so many versatile looks with this.

Also I wanted to mention how gorgeous the outside of the palette is. It is incredibly hard to photograph, though! It's much more impressive in real life.

As with last year's Clarins summer eyeshadow palette, I do find the eyeshadows are a little "hard" but still pretty easy to work with and blend out.

The eyeliner in this palette is much softer and nicer to use compared to last year's palette! I never, ever thought that I would wear blue eyeliner, but I cannot believe how well this looks on. The peach eyeshadow and the blue eyeliner just compliment each other so well, and look so summery and exotic!

Here are a couple of different looks I tried. I plan on trying more and more to see what this little palette can do!

When I first set eyes on this palette, I really fell in love with the peach eyeshadow but now that I have been using it, the standout features for me are the dark chocolate brown matte eyeshadow, and the blue liner!

I cannot wait to play around with this palette more and try out different looks with it! I can already tell this will be a summer staple in my make up collection!

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Recent Purchases! Featuring Yankee Candle & Revlon!

So my plan of not spending money on random stuff and saving up for my holidays isn't exactly going as planned! One little relapse is ok, right?

So on one of my usual trips to the Yankee Candle shop for a browse, I bought this small jar of "Paradise Spice" and a sampler of "Margarita Time"! I thought they were so lovely and fresh, they are the most summery Yankee Candles ever! After buying them I had £10.00 off on my reward card so I decided to get a big jar. The new Yankee Candle summer scents are amazing, but in the end I went for "Citrus Tango" - I love citrusy scents and this one is divine! I am trying to burn them one at a time, so as you can see Paradise Spice has been my first choice. It smells like pineapples!

So… you know Boots have 3 for 2 at the moment and I really wanted to try some Revlon stuff. I have heard so much about Revlon but I honestly have never tried anything from the brand, apart from a foundation. I know I really wanted a Lip Butter and I chose the shade Juicy Papaya! It is a great coral shade for summer. I also really wanted to try one of the Electric Chrome nail polishes, inspired by the new Amazing Spider-man 2 film. I chose Super-Powered, a gorgeous metallic blue. I love this shade, and I love the cute bottle with the spiderweb detail on the lid.
So of course I needed to pick a third item! And that item was one of the new scented nail polishes. The only colour I really wanted was this nice hot pink colour. This one is called African Tea Rose, and after trying this one I can safely say I do not like the scent! It is a bit overpowering at times and is a very strong, smells like a horrible perfume. The colour is nice though!

So, a slight relapse but hopefully I shall regain some self control and not buy anything else for a few weeks!

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Do you keep the empty boxes of your beauty products? Nope, just me?

I was clearing out a little bit and I came across so many empty boxes which I had hidden in drawers etc.  and I was curious to see how many other beauty addicts do the same!

I don't know why I do it, I really do try to keep all my make up in pristine condition and somehow I end up just holding onto the boxes even though they are of no use to me! I suppose even when I was a child I did the same with my toys, they were always in perfect condition and packaging was indeed kept!

Is it because we spend our hard earned money on these products that even the very packaging is precious to us? Especially the high end products!

Well, after this photo was taken I decided it was time to part with all of this packaging - although the only thing I couldn't throw away just yet is the Chanel box!

Please tell me it's not just me who does this!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara - Colours of Brazil Summer 2014 Collection

Here is a mascara which was well and truly built for summer! I am so excited about this. I love the sleek black packaging - it looks so classic and elegant. I love how it looks so understated with it's plain black tube and gold lid with just the Clarins "C" on it.

The wand is perfect - it reminds me of Benefit BadGal, only a bit thinner. The formula of this mascara is quite interesting - it uses bitter orange tree wax and olive squalane oil in order to protect lashes against humidity, sea water and pool water! See, I told you this mascara was built for summer! There is a very slight orangey scent too, which is so nice and fresh!

No mascara
 One coat of Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara

This mascara boasts length, volume and 12 hour hold. My lashes are already kind of long, so I didn't really see much difference with regards to length. My lashes do look a little more voluminous. The real benefit of this mascara in my opinion is the protective film it creates over the lashes. It is most definitely, completely waterproof! The formula of this mascara is "tougher" than any mascara I've ever used. 

I swear by my Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover, it never lets me down! It removes this Truly Waterproof mascara with no trouble at all. I was concerned that it may be a little hard to remove, but thankfully it is so easy! 

Also, I definitely agree with the 12 hour hold of this mascara! I apply it in the morning before work, and at night time it still looks as fresh as though I just applied it.

I will definitely be taking this mascara on holidays with me! I love that it is completely waterproof and is built to withstand humidity! 

Incase you were wondering, the eyeshadow I used in these photos is the Clarins Splendours palette, which was part of the 2013 summer collection! I really hope to add the Colours of Brazil palette to my collection, it looks so gorgeous!

Also, unlike the rest of the Colours of Brazil collection, the mascara will be part of the permanent line! :)

*product provided for review

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Clarins Lip Balm Crayons - Colours of Brazil Summer 2014 Collection

How gorgeous are these?! The Clarins summer collection is always very impressive, but this year's Colours of Brazil collection is really something else!

These Lip Balm Crayons come in 6 shades - these three are Creamy Pink, Sweet Cherry and Soft Coffee! They are absolutely beautiful shades, perfect for summer!

The formula of these crayons is simply astounding! They are so silky and creamy, they feel absolutely lovely on your lips. They have a lovely sweet scent - if you are familiar with the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors, it is the same gorgeous scent as those.

These crayons are formulated with shea butter - they are super hydrating as well as giving perfect colour and shine. They are very soft and are so comfortable to wear. I have never used any lip product as nice as these! They don't feel sticky or greasy - just delightfully creamy and they wear extremely well!

Swatch time!

Left to Right - Soft Coffee - Sweet Cherry - Creamy Pink

I cannot wait for summer now! These sweet crayons are so perfect and I am excited to wear them now that the weather is starting to pick up! They give such amazing colour for a lip balm, and are so good for your lips, especially in warm weather! I will definitely be bringing these on holidays with me!

*product provided for review