Sunday, 29 December 2013

Beauty stuff I got for Christmas

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a nice Christmas! I certainly did. It is so good being off work for a while. I have been enjoying just being at home, watching movies, eating chocolates and just generally chilling out! It's going to be so difficult getting back into a routine in the new year. But I will cross that bridge when I come to it.

So on Christmas Day, it was so much fun being at my sisters house. We played games, ate great food and just had a really nice day. Christmas is so not about presents for me, although I did get some lovely things. I just enjoy having fun. But, I will now show you what beauty stuff I got for Christmas. Admittedly, I did buy a lot of this myself with money I got. (Thanks dad!)

Clarins Eye Contour Balm - I chose this as I really need to start using an eye cream again. I have read good reviews about this one and the texture is so nice. I don't see any results just yet but I swear I will apply this religiously every night!

Lancome Rouge in Love Lipstick - I adore the cute packaging of this lipstick! The shade is "Midnight Rose" which is a gorgeous deep, raspberry pink. Unfortunately I have been unable to wear it yet due to a horrible outbreak of coldsores :( but this shade is so beautiful. I cannot wait to wear it.

Clinique Party Tips Nail Polish Trio - I love these gorgeous nail polishes, and is it just me or are they the most perfect shades for New Years Eve? I am kind of excited to try out Clinique polishes for the first time. They come in such a cute bag too.

YSL Touche Eclat - Oh my God, where has this been all my life? You know how I always complain about my undereye area looking less than impressive, and no concealer helps? Well this is so light and brightening, it is exactly what I needed! I got shade 2. I swear this is the best thing I have ever tried, and the only concealer that has ever made any kind of difference.

Sampar Sea Scrub - I have been lusting after this for some time. The scent of this product is to die for, it just smells like a luxurious spa. I actually thought this product was for your face, but it is a body exfoliator. I have used a small amount on my face though. It is the most expensive product I have ever used! (it was around £50.00). It is so nice and so effective.

Lancome Hypnose Mascara - After buying a Hypnose Star mascara earlier in the year, I have decided that I think Lancome do the best mascaras. I had a tiny sample of the original Hypnose which I loved, so I decided to buy the full sized version. The wand is just perfect and the bristles are so soft. It makes my eyelashes super long and full. I love it!

Nuxe Creme Fraiche de Beaute moisturiser - In desperate need of a new skincare routine, I chose this moisturiser. It is so thick and creamy, and I think it is designed for dry skin. It feels so nourishing and has a beautiful scent. It is such a luxurious product and my skin feels so soft and plump even after just a week of using it!

I also got a ton of Lancome and Clarins samples when I bought my products, so I am really excited to try these out too!

I hope Santa was good to everyone!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Checking in....and Checking Out for Christmas!

Hi everyone, sorry my posts have been few and far between lately. The truth is, now we are in Winter it is exceptionally hard for me to take decent photographs, and at weekends when I do have a chance to blog I always seem to just lose track of time. Plus, Christmas is just around the corner and as such, money is tight and I honestly have very little to blog about.

I am well and truly excited for Christmas, and I am going to be taking a long break from blogging, to rejuvenate myself and to come back inspired with plenty of post ideas!

All my Christmas presents are bought, I am so organised so I really just can't wait to take some time off work and totally relax. Hopefully Santa will bring me some new beauty products to play with!

I won't really be doing anything special over Christmas, but I will make sure that I get watching some of my favourite films....

"It's a Wonderful Life" honestly completes Christmas for me. I will never get tired of it, and I always shed a tear at the end! It is the most beautiful film, with the most beautiful message. Of course, "The Wizard of Oz" is there too, the film that started my love for the classics. Even though I know every single word of the script and every single detail, I still watch this and it feels like the first time seeing it. And it always reminds me of Christmas.

Another of my favourites is of course "Little Women" - the 1949 version with Elizabeth Taylor. I just think this is the ultimate version... June Allyson was born to play Jo! And Elizabeth is just so funny...and so beautiful too.

So, I want to wish all of my lovely followers and fellow bloggers a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for new year. I hope it is full of love, laughter and good health. Thanks everyone for reading my little ramblings here, and to all the lovely bloggers I have met this year for inspiring me to continue writing here. I will leave you with some pictures of my cat playing with the Christmas tree...

Sunday, 1 December 2013

a very WICKED day!

So after months and months of waiting, today was finally the day that I got to see Wicked for the very first time. I am very much acquainted with the soundtrack though, and watched many sneaky Youtube vids, but nothing is quite like seeing it in person and sitting with an audience who is laughing, cheering, applauding, crying.....or maybe that was just me!

For those who do not know, Wicked began its 9 week run at the Bord Gais Energy Theatre this week. The BGE Theatre is an amazing theatre and the perfect venue for the likes of this show. I have been here several times for different show but I have never been as blown away as I was today seeing Wicked.

I am a long time Wizard of Oz fan, I mean properly obsessed. I know every little detail of that book and 1939 film. Normally I do not usually like prequels or sequels (Return to Oz, anybody?) but I think the plot of Wicked is so cleverly put together that it ties in with the original Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

I travelled down to Dublin with my niece and we hit the shops for a while (I of course self gifted and made a cheeky Chanel purchase...) and we hit up Eddie Rockets which is out favourite place for food when we are in Dublin. For the occasion, I wore my Wicked nail polish which my sister's friend kindly sent over from America. If you would like me to review these properly then please let me know.

Right now I am pretty exhausted and unfortunately another week beckons us...I don't think I am ready for Monday morning yet!! :(