Monday, 30 September 2013

My Blush Collection!

I do love a nice blush on my cheeks. These are the products I currently have in my collection. I have tried many over the years but you will notice they are all of a similar colour. I have definitely found the shade that I think suits me and that I wear every day. So here is what I have...

 Catrice - "Gone With the Wind" 
This is from the Catrice Fabulous 40s collection, named after my favourite novel/film of all time! It is a pinky, corally shade that I love. It is matte too. I absolutely adore this one, I wore it quite a lot during summer and I think it is the most natural, flattering shade.

 Illamasqua Cream Blush "Dixie"
I got this in the 50% off sale Illamasqua had a few months ago. It was purely an impulse buy to try something by Illamasqua and only pay half the price. Their cream blushes were recommended to me and I chose this shade as it is just very "me". At first I was kind of disappointed by it, then I started using it with my Real Techniques stippling brush which I think is the best way to apply it. I think this is brilliant, it is currently my only cream blush and this is the one which I use pretty much every day as it is so quick and easy to apply while I'm getting ready for work!

 No.7 "Soft Damson"
I got this one in a goodie bag at the recent Cocoa Brown Afternoon Tea. I was a little apprehensive as the shade has kind of a lilac tone to it, which is not something I would usually wear. I find this one looks best when I am not wearing fake tan and have paler skin. It turns out a very pale pink colour and looks so sweet. It feels so silky soft too.

 Benefit "Hervana"
This once well loved blush has been neglected in my make up drawer for I'd say close to a year. I used to love Benefit cosmetics. I don't really anymore. This blush cost me over £20.00 and while it is nice it is definitely not worth the money. I loved it for its peachy tones but it is definitely not something I would repurchase in the future.

Lancome Blush Subtil "Nectar Lace"
I think I have saved the best for last! This is the pride and joy of all of my blushes. This one is a real standout. This blush is the most corally, shimmery blush ever and I adore it. I try to only use this one I guess on special occasions or if I am going somewhere nice. I don't consider this an everyday blush. It looks fantastic on and the contour and highlight shades are fabulous too.

How many blushes do you have in your collection? Which one is your favourite?

Thursday, 26 September 2013

My new Sephora palette! A first look

I think everyone in Ireland wishes we had Sephora here! But I saw this cute little palette online (eBay) and I thought I would treat myself. I rarely order makeup online as I am always afraid it will get smashed while in transit, but thankfully this palette arrived safe and sound.

This is the Sephora Breast Cancer Awareness palette. I really do not know much about this product. I believe it was released some time last year.

It contains 36 eyeshadows, 12 lip glosses and 6 blushes. There is such a variety in here! There are shimmery and matte shades in the eyeshadows. I cannot yet comment on the quality or pigmentation of these as I have not used them yet!

The lip glosses


The only thing that surprised me about this little palette is how small it it! Here it is next to a Sleek palette. As you can see the eyeshadow pans are only about half the size of the Sleek ones! I guess if I find a shade I like it may not last very long!

So that is a first look at what I think is a very cute and fun palette. I am sure I will be posting many a makeup look using this palette very soon. I cannot wait to play around with all of the shades!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Review

I had seen this product pop up on several different blogs in recent weeks. From what I read, everyone seemed to adore this stuff so naturally I had to try it for myself. I think it was around £3.50 from Superdrug. I love the Palmer's exfoliator, and I remember trying the cocoa butter lotion years ago and liking it. The smell is just divine. So, can't go wrong with trying this!

Now I know what you are thinking, this looks like a tub of fat or grease. That's what I thought, and essentially it is true. It is like a thick grease that melts when it touches your skin. I rubbed a little into my hands when I first got it and quite liked it. It left my hands feeling a little greasy and I had to wipe it off my fingers and palms because I didn't want to get it everywhere! It is a real barrier cream! But, I did still kind of like it and think it would be good if you wanted to give your skin a treat because it feels really nourishing.

So later on that night after I had a shower, I used this all over as I would a regular body lotion. I felt disgusting! I was slipping and sliding everywhere, covered in grease! The lesson is to use this sparingly. I have restricted this product to use only on my hands and feet, knees and elbows. I wouldn't recommend using it all over!

I do really like this stuff, perhaps because I am addicted to the smell! But as it is so rich, I do feel like it would do your skin a lot of good. I  just wish it wasn't so greasy!

Friday, 20 September 2013

Five Nail Polishes I can't wait to wear for Autumn/Winter

Ah glitters and dark colours. How I have missed you! It's time to ditch the bright colours and start wearing beauties like these! I wore these a lot last year, they were may favourite Autumn/Winter polishes. Here is a closer look...

Essence Breaking Dawn LE - Alice Had a Vision
The most gorgeous dark, purple, shimmery polish. I adore this one. I guess it is a black base with purple shimmer. It is fabulous. I am just raging I only bought one of these bottles at the time :(

 Essence Breaking Dawn LE - Jacob's Protection
Yes I loved this collection...despite not being a Twilight fan. Similar to the purple one, this is a black base with deep blue shimmer. One of the nicest and most unusual polishes I have ever seen.

 Essence Special Effect Topper - Glorious Aquarius
This was my all time favourite glitter polish, it looked amazing over any turquoise polish. Essence really are fabulous, aren't they? The only bad thing is trying to remove them! I switched all my glitters for bright neon plain polishes over the summer months, but I have to say I did miss a bit of sparkle!

 China Glaze - Champagne Kisses
This one was from China Glaze's 2012 holiday collection. I got this one to wear on Christmas day last year! I absolutely adored it, the only thing I didn't like was the gritty kind of texture, but I overlooked that because the shade was just so gorgeous.

China Glaze - Ruby Pumps
..I saved the best for last. I cannot even describe how much I love this one. Red polishes can of course be worn all year round, but this one I felt was a little too festive looking. I even love the name of this one, being a huge Wizard of Oz fan. I honestly could look at this one all day!

What are your favourite Autumn/Winter polishes?

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Green Smokey Eye

Hi everyone! I was so inspired when I took out my palette collection to photograph them for the post below, when I rediscovered my Kat von D "Ludwig" Palette. I remember at the time choosing this palette for the green shades alone. I adore them so much! Anyway I thought I would put together a green kind of smokey eye look for you. Here are the products I used ...

Firstly I used the Art Deco eyeshadow base, which is absolutely brilliant and will make the eyeshadow stay all day. I used my Art Deco dip eyeliner for my lash line, Lancome Le Crayon Kohl for my waterline, and my beloved Lancome Hypnose Star mascara, which is on its last legs unfortunately!
Here are the eyeshadows that I used...

I used the light green all over the lid, the dark green in the crease, the black in the outer corner, and the white in the inner corner and on the brow bone.

I am really pleased how it turned out, considering the eyeshadow brushes I have at the moment are absolutely rubbish. Here's hoping I'll have a Real Techniques set by the weekend :) 
I love this look, even though green doesn't exactly compliment blue eyes I still think it looks really nice. I wore this all day on Sunday and by that night it was still looking great. The Kat von D eyeshadows are amazing quality. That reminds me, I wish we had Sephora over here! 

Have a great day! :) 

Friday, 13 September 2013

My Eyeshadow Palette Collection

This is my very modest collection of palettes! I suppose this is a lot for me. I don't wear eyeshadow very often, just at weekends and on my days off.

 This is the Kat Von D Ludwig palette. I ordered this one from eBay several years ago. I love this one a lot, but I haven't used it in ages! I almost forgot I had it. I love all the shades in here, especially the greens! The eyeshadows are also really good quality. My favourite shadow it probably the white one in the middle! It is a perfect highlighting shadow and also amazing used on its own.

 This is the Sleek Sparkle 2 palette. I got this one last Christmas and as you can see, it's barely used. These eyeshadows are all really lovely, however they are not sparkly when you actually apply them. They all look beautiful in the palette. My favourite shades are the gold and the cranberry colour. As with all Sleek shadows, I think they are amazing quality for the price, and there is such a wide variety of shades here to create many looks. I will have to start using this one!

 This is the Sleek Oh So Special palette! Have you ever seen so many pink shades? For a while there, I was kind of obsessed with using pinks for my eyes, so this was my go-to palette for a long time. I loved the beige colour and the sparkly baby pink. This was the first Sleek palette I ever bought and I remember being so impressed with it and with Sleek as a brand. I like the combination of matte and shimmer shades. This is probably my most used palette overall.

 This one is my current favourite. Oh my goodness, what can I say. This is the Clarins Splendours palette and it is fabulous. Each shade is just stunning, super quality and just very elegant. I wore this all summer. The gold shade is just stunning. The shadows are slightly shimmery but it's quite subtle. They last all day and are very easy to apply and blend. I adore this one so much.

This is my 3 pan Inglot palette. I had never tried Inglot before, until the Irish Beauty Bloggers meet up in June when I bought this one. I wanted neutral everyday shades, and of course the fabulous orange shadow caught my eye, I couldn't leave without it! Each eyeshadow pan is such a generous size, and the Inglot Freedom system is so good that you can actually choose and custom build your palettes. They are quite reasonably priced too and the shadows are of a superb quality. I haven't used this palette all that much. I thought I was actually allergic to these shadows but I think it's very likely that the glitter in the orange shadow seriously irritated my eyelids so that they swelled up and were so painful. So this one has been neglected unfortunately. I have used the neutral shades on their own but I am so sad that I cannot wear the orange one, which was my favourite!

I just noticed that I haven't hit pan in any of my palettes!
It was actually fun photographing these palettes and writing about them, it has kind of inspired me to use them more and to create more looks with them and be adventurous! Right now I am experimenting a lot with natural shades, which is something I have never worn because I don't think brown tones suit my eye colour. I would love an Urban Decay Naked Palette!

How many palettes do you have?

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Sixties styling!

I absolutely adore the 1960s. I wish I could have experienced it! A lot of my favourite music is from the 1960s and I think the hair styles and make up looks were really fantastic. So, I thought I'd try and recreate a very 1960s look. I hope you enjoy!

 The dress is by Yumi, I got it in the House of Fraser sale for an amazing £14.00. I absolutely love the style and print of this dress. It is very typical of the 1960s so I really couldn't resist! I think it looks nice with these shoes I have from New Look, I got them about 3 years ago. They are black patent and have a lovely small heel! I'm not really sure what bag I would use, I suppose any sort of clutch bag would look great!

The hair and make up was my favourite part about this look! I used my trusty backcomb brush and a few bobby pins for the hair, it really only took about 5 minutes to do. For the eye make up, I didn't want to do the very severe cut crease that was fashionable in the 1960s. I have tried it and it just looks ridiculous on me. So I used my Kat Von D "Ludwig" eyeshadow palette and used the darkest shades from there. I never usually wear my eye make up this dark but I really like this and I am so pleased with how it turned out! My lipstick is an MUA one, I can't believe they only cost £1!!

My style icon from the 1960s is definitely Lulu. I love all the cute dresses she wore, and her hair is pretty fabulous too!

Do you like the 1960s style?

Saturday, 7 September 2013

My New Skincare Routine - featuring Clarins

I am a low maintenance kind of girl. Truth be told, I didn't have much of a skincare routine before. So long as my make up was taken off and some kind of moisturiser was applied! But lately, I don't know if it is because I will soon turn the big quarter-century in a couple of weeks, but I have noticed my skin starting to not look in very good shape and I have been feeling completely paranoid about it. I especially hate my under-eye area.

Anyways, a quick trip to the Clarins counter and this is what I came out with....

I wanted the Clarins eye make up remover as I really need something gentle to remove eye make up so as I'm not rubbing the skin around there too much. I got a sample of the Lancome eye make up remover which is more or less the same as this. In fact I'd say the Clarins one is nicer. Just give it a little shake so the oil and water layers mix together, put a small amount on a cotton pad, and literally one swipe and your eye make up is gone. It is brilliant!

I asked the lady at the Clarins counter what would be the best cleanser for me. My skin is neither dry nor oily, but it is just kind of dull and lifeless. She recommended this One Step Cleanser with orange extract. Now I was a little apprehensive as I thought a water type cleanser would be drying on the skin, but she assured me it wouldn't. Similar to the eye make up remover, it has an oil and water layer so you give it a good shake and use it on cotton pads to remove your make up. The idea is that you don't have to do anything else, which is brilliant for me as I really can't be bothered with anything else! I soak a cotton pad with this, and go over my entire face until all my make up is gone. I will then dispense a tiny amount onto a second cotton pad just to go over my face again "just incase".

It does leave a kind of oily residue on your face, which I think is quite nice although I think some people would dislike it. It says on the bottle that there is no need to rinse this cleanser off, though. My skin honestly has never looked or felt better since I started using this cleanser!

So I needed a moisturiser and I already knew I wanted the Daily Energiser Cream! I really liked the sound of it! You can get this in a gel form too, but I thought the cream would be better for me. It's quite a luxurious cream, lovely citrusy scent and a great accompaniment to the One Step Cleanser. I really only use a tiny amount of this and massage it well into the skin.

So I have been using these products every night for two weeks. I have never spent this much money on skincare before! I really cannot get over the quality of them. I think Clarins may be my new favourite brand! So far so good, my skin is looking a little more radiant and regenerated - which is exactly what I wanted! The only thing I need now is the ultimate eye cream to tackle my eye bags!!

I also got a lovely Clarins bag with some samples in them - including the above skincare products so I now have a great range of stuff to try! Maybe I'll become addicted to skincare instead of make up! ha!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What is a Ziegfeld Girl?

I have just realised that this will be my 100th post! Since starting this blog, I really am so happy with how it has turned out, and how many other lovely bloggers I have met along the way. It has been a great hobby for me and it's great to have a little space on the net where I can ramble on about what beauty products I have tried! :)

I have realised that since I have chosen the name "Ziegfeld Girl Beauty" for my blog, it may be of interest to some people to actually write about what a Ziegfeld girl actually is. Ziegfeld girl has been my online alias for many years now so of course I had to bring it to the blog as well.

Broadway impresario Florenz Ziegfeld produced many lavish shows named the Ziegfeld Follies between 1907 and 1931. They were spectacular productions, musical extravaganzas, with many of the top entertainers of the day appearing in them.  But the Ziegfeld Follies were famous for their chorus girls, AKA the Ziegfeld Girls! Florenz Ziegfeld was attributed with "glorifying the American girl". The girls had to be beautiful as well as talented! They were even trained to walk the Ziegfeld Way - tall, straight and seductive!

The Ziegfeld Girls wore lavish, sensational costumes. Ziegfeld girls epitomised glamour and beauty.

Florenz Ziegfeld died in 1931. Metro Goldwyn Mayer produced a film about his life in 1936 - "The Great Ziegfeld" which won the Oscar for Best Picture that year.

MGM also put out two more films related to Ziegfeld - "Ziegfeld Girl" (1941) and "Ziegfeld Follies" (1946). This is about as close as we can get to the original Broadway shows!
Beautiful Hedy Lamarr in the 1941 film Ziegfeld Girl

I suppose what really fascinates me about the Ziegfeld Girls is how risqué they appear especially for this time, and yet how well respected the Ziegfeld Follies were. 

If you didn't know already, I have a huge interest in films and music of the 1930s and 1940s. The MGM films are how I actually discovered who Ziegfeld was. 

So, if you have managed to reach the end here, thank you for reading and I do hope this may have been of interest to you! Have a great day!